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Angels vs Demons

A collection of pixelated Angel and Demon warriors

Good and bad have gone hand in hand from the beginning of time. Now, they have found their way into the NFT world!

As individuals, but also as a team, we always did things our own way.

Since we started out as amateurs, our first priority was to guarantee the safety of our future NFT holders.

That’s the reason we decided not to mint and instead used “OpenSea's shared storefront contract”!

Until now, we have avoided marketing or advertising in order to support an organic-growth model! We want our holders to be like-minded individuals, in for the long haul.

That’s why all our OG holders have been carefully recruited taking advantage of the OpenSea NFT reservation feature.

We named this process “Selective Mint”.

We are currently at the last phase of distributing our remaining Angels and Demons to holders of selected, established NFT communities, still via OpenSea reservations, for a set price of 0.012 eth.



The Soldiers of the Angels Legion


    400 / 2.000



The Officers of the Angels Legion


    80 / 400


The Pure Ones

The Leaders of the Angels Legion


    20 / 100



The Soldiers of the Demons Legion


    400 / 2.000



The Officers of the Demons Legion


    80 / 400


The Unrighteous Ones

The Leaders of the Demons Legion


    20 / 100

How to participate

There are 3 ways to acquire one of our NFTs
  • By reserving one for you for 0.012 eth through certain limited-time twitter events.
  • Via officer (Archangel or Archdemon NFT holder) invitation, for a reduced price (0.009 eth).
  • By buying one from our limited supply available each time from our OpenSea collection.

About the project


Upon entering our project you are called upon choosing the faction you wish to fight for, Angels or Demons. You start off as a soldier (Angel/Demon) and you earn your way up to become an Officer (Archangel/Archdemon). The most impactful officers get promoted by our community members via voting to Leaders (PureOne/UnrighteousOne - this is our highest rank). 


War is initiated twice a week between the two factions’ members. One of our Officers picks a target from the enemy faction and initiates an attack on their twitter profile. Every reply on that post adds a point to the corresponding faction. Just 1 point per member, regardless of the number of replies. One of the participants of the winning faction claims the war loot (an NFT airdrop following a raffle among the winning faction’s participants). 
War posts are shared on our Community page and our Discord, staying pinned on our Twitter account until it ends (Last 48h).

Project Group chats

Upon claiming your warrior you are added to our group chats, depending on your faction, Team Angels or Team Demons. These groups are active daily and you can interact with other members of your faction. Less active holders, that don't enjoy such daily interaction (why wouldn’t you though? It’s super fun!) are added to our Sanctuary and Purgatory group chats, where only important project updates are shared. There is also a discord available only for our holders and an AvD twitter community that you can join upon request if none of our group chats fills your needs.

Q & A

  • Why no mint / OpenSea contract

In a web3 full of bad intentions, rug pulls and scams, we entered as complete -enthusiastic- amateurs. Safety was our first priority and only an OpenSea contract could guarantee it at that stage. Furthermore, we wanted to skip the 1 per wallet WL and proceed by carefully handpicking our early holders (a process we proudly termed as “Selective Free Mint”). Lastly, what you see is what you get, no post-reveal surprises!
  • Why should i join this project

We have a roadmap that we stick to and fun activities with genuine awesome members. If you like some daily fuss on your twitter account, this project is definitely for you!
  • How do i participate in a war

Check our pinned message to see if there is an active war at that time. If there is, just post a reply under that post to score a point for your faction. The reply can be anything you want, a meme, a tag with your supporting team, a story, a picture of your NFT warrior, a modified version of yours or another members NFT and so on. Use your imagination and creativity!
  • ​Why should i buy more than one NFT

Our new website will have a Token staking function. Check the answer below for more information
  • OK, so what is next

We are building a new website (ETA: ~Mid October) where you can participate in challenges and missions.
Challenges : Each day you can claim 1 Valor token for every Angel NFT you have in your wallet and 1 Chaos token for every Demon NFT. These values change to 2 tokens per Archangel/Archdemon and 5 tokens per PureOne/UnrighteousOne. You can use those tokens (besides buying more Angel or Demon warriors or AvD vault NFTs from other collections) to challenge a member of the enemy faction for any number of tokens available in your challenge pool. Once the enemy player accepts the challenge there will a be a randomized result between you two. The winner “steals” the loser's tokens. Those tokens also count toward a weekly faction point battle. At the end of the week the participants of the winning faction will share certain rewards and/or more tokens.
Missions: These will be quite similar to the twitter-based wars we are currently having, just automated. 
  • Can i buy an NFT of the opposite faction

Sure. The majority of your NFTs from one faction, decides the faction you belong to. For example having more Angels than Demons in your wallet, characterizes you as an Angel. Any other NFT you have from the opposing faction counts as a "prisoner". Each prisoner gives you Tokens of the enemy faction. Those will activate the second option of an attack against an enemy member, the “Elimination”. You can use those tokens to initiate a battle, similar to the challenges (see above), but it will procced without the consent of the enemy member. You can basically destroy some of their tokens (only once per week for the same target) with a 50% chance of being successful. Your used tokens get burnt in the process, no matter the outcome of the combat. If you were successful on eliminating enemy tokens, the token count destroyed will also be deducted from that faction’s total weekly points count (see above).

Our Goal

Our goal is to start a healthy competition between twitter users so that every single one can participate in with their preexisting friends or new ones made along the way!
Everyone has the chance to support their faction and declare to the world if they were always a mischievous little Demon or a courteous innocent Angel.
So pick your side, group up with friends and fight that pesky opposite faction.
May the best side win!
See you in the battlefield warriors!


Milestone 1

  • Completed!

Milestone 2

  • We are launching our new website for                     staking, challenges and missions.              ETA mid October.

Milestone 3

  • Faction wars are coming! 
  • Deploying more expandable warriors to support Officer and Leaders in combat.

Milestone 4

  • The Titans are coming!
  • Enabling the "raid" panel on our new AvD website.

Milestone 5

  • Enabling the "council challenge" panel on our new AvD website.

Milestone 6

  • If enough holders support the project by Milestone 6 we will focus on the development of a mobile game themed Heaven & Hell : Angels vs Demons! If not this goal will move to a further Milestone.
  • The councils are coming!

Who are we?

We are a group of dreamers from different backgrounds. A financial adviser, a publisher, a mathematician and a designer. We are 90's kids that love pixel art!
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