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Chapter 1 : A New Foe

The yeah is  15238 ac. The Angels/Demons (depending who is winning the wars until then) are getting closer to winning the Earth's war and eventually retrieving the Sword of Messiah. All of their forces have been redirected to Earth, leaving the home planets of the two factions undefended . It was about that time that a new foe emerged from the edges of space; The Titans. One of the first and most powerful forces in the universe, hunted almost to extinction by the Demons. Defeated by the Demons' frenzy and large numbers, Titans withdrew in shame to the corners of the cosmos . But the eternal war lasted more than anyone has anticipated and The Titans took that chance to regain their lost power. With no more expedition tasks for new planets to inhabitate , all new planets were by this point a breeding ground for the Titans, which could only be born  from inside new-undesecrated planets, and now there were a lot of them.  New reinforcements failed to arrive to Earth; The last few expeditions never returned home and now any communication with the mother planets have seized. The Demons know that there is something going on, that something terrifying is coming; Something the old and most powerful ones still remember to this day and makes them restless; Something that most of the newly created faction of the Angels have never faced before; Something that makes this war feel like a playground. Gabriel knows and he is on a secret meeting with Beelzebub to decide upon the fate of their factions, but they have lost their persuasion; this war for their troops is now something personal - a fight of their own - a fight to the end. The Titans are coming and they only thing that might stop them, is an alliance between those that started it all. An alliance between Angels and Demons...
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