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Chapter 1 : The Beginning

     At the dawn of time the world was consumed by chaos. Its only inhabitants were powerful and volatile creatures that could thrive in the deepest and darkest areas of the world : The Demons. They searched the cosmos for new places to conquer and were the strongest species known in existence. They would live their lives under very strict hierocracy. The strongest of them would rule, while the weakest would get the dangerous -and usually fatal- exploration tasks. One day, a small task force led by : Gabriel was sent to explore a newly-found realm : The Heavens. In there, laid one of the sacred relics existing since the birth of the universe : The Fountain of Light. It could enhance the strength and abilities of the ones influenced by its power, as well as giving them knowledge about every creature, thing and place in the known universe. With this new profound knowledge Gabriel saw that everything they believed in at that point, was wrong. He decided to create a new order : The Angels. With a new perspective of the cosmos, its meaning and their purpose, they started their own expeditions, conquering only areas that were vital for the preservation of life. The Angels captured weaker Demons and forced them to convert to the light, gradually increasing in numbers and power. The Demons alarmed, knew by now, that they had to vanquish this new order before it was too late. Thus, an eternal battle begun between the two factions, for no one would ever be able to win.

Chapter 2 : Earth

     The year is 12180 bc. The battle for dominance has been raging for eons. The Demons knew that the only one that could end their universal dominance were the Angels. They realized that the only way for them to prevail was to find the legendary : Sword of Messiah. A never-before seen relic, forged at the beginning of the cosmos and perfectly hidden, only for the worthy ones to find. They believed the sword would give them infinite power but the Angels knew that it had the power to undo everything in the universe and bring an end to them and their faction. The Angels had discovered that this ancient relic was forever hidden on a forgotten, uninhabited realm where no Angel or Demon could set foot on : The Earth. The only way to go there was to give up their immortality and sacrifice their wings. For them, that was a small price to pay in exchange for universal prosperity. Gabriel ordered his first Lieutenant : Michael and his most loyal followers to depart immediately for Earth. The first Angels to go there on the sacred task to retrieve the artifact, were known as : The Neutrals. Knowing that this was the most valuable item in the universe, the Neutrals vowed to guard it and protect it with their -now mortal- lives.

Chapter 3 : Apocalypse

     The year is 3038 ad. The last Neutrals walk the Earth. Over the years they lived a long and peaceful life. No war had ever set place in the realm of Earth. The legend of the Sword of Messiah was being passed from generation to generation and by now it was just a myth and its location forgotten. But the magic of the cosmos was fading. The Earth was no longer a forbitten ground and without the Sword of Messiah and the Neutrals to protect it, it was an open invitation for Demons to make their move. The Demon leader himself : Beelzebub, led the expedition to Earth as it was their most crucial mission since the beginning of time. He set foot on Earth only to find The Angels led by Gabriel waiting for them; in the last realm they would both ever visit.

The Angels and The Demons have landed on Earth and the final battle that settles it all has begun. Who will prevail? Choose your side!

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